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Cracker Blinky - Nuclear Variant


*Please note the glow powder is applied by hand, so the covering will vary on each pin with how much is covered*

The snack factory was built too close to the power plant, some of the spillage got into the flavor dust. These crackers may taste a bit spicier than previous batches!

Taking the nostalgic 3 eyed and 3D molding him to look like the nostalgic cracker! This is the second and final variant of the Cracker Blinky pin.

We tried a new technique on this pin, to take glow powder and apply it to the top of the pint to mimic flavor dust and offer a unique look we have not seen in the pin world yet!

-Limited to 75 Pcs
-1" Wide 3D Molded Pin.
-Painted Metal
-3D Powder (Flavor Dust)
-Double Posted
-Orange Rubber Clutches.
-Back Stamp Logo
*International Orders please put phone number in the notes.